Requiem for Juliet


Requiem for Juliet

O me! This sight of death is as a bell, That warns my old age to a sepulchre. (Lady Capulet)


Requiem for Juliet is Riccardo Buscarini’s take on William Shakespeare’s 1597 play, Romeo and Juliet. Commissioned for ŻfinMalta, Requiem for Juliet stands as a sequel to the story narrated in Shakespeare’s most famous tragedy. In this work, the narrative is relived as an imaginary letter to the deceased Juliet from her bereaved mother, who is represented on stage by the acclaimed Charlotte Grech. Love and grief, gender roles, religion and power, are central themes in the play and in this adaptation. Buscarini’s choreography is intertwined with voice-over text written for this work and inspired by the original play.


Riccardo Buscarini is an award-winning choreographer and artist with an interdisciplinary approach to choreography. Highlights of his career include The Place Prize 2013, MAM-Maroc Artist Meeting in Marrakech, collaborations at Summerhall (Edinburgh) and the London Festival of Architecture (2016 and 2019). Silk, re-staged by ŻfinMalta in 2019, was created for Chelyabinsk Contemporary Dance Theater (Russia) and awarded a Golden Mask 2018. He regularly teaches and mentors in dance in Italy, the UK, Malta, Spain, Croatia, Sweden, Cyprus and Russia.


Supported by the Italian Cultural Institute of Valletta.

Choreography: Riccardo Buscarini
Dramaturg: Mauro Barbiero
Costume & Set Design: Luke Azzopardi
Original score: Alessandro Baldessari
Light design: Moritz Zavan Stoeckle
DATES & TIME: 27/28/29 MAY 2022, 19:30
VENUE: Teatru Manoel
DURATION: 70 minutes / AGE: 5+