Artist in Residence

Dates: March – June 2020
Location: ŻfinMalta Studios, Valletta

The ŻfinMalta Artist in Residence Programme (AiR) provides the opportunity for local and international artists to explore their ideas in a new context. Following a successful pilot programme in 2019, Å»finMalta is excited to offer three residencies in 2020, between the months of March and June.


Located in the Mediterranean, Malta is a bilingual country, speaking English and Maltese, with year-round sunshine. Within this unique setting, and based at the ŻfinMalta studios on Valletta’s Grand Harbour – one of the most beautiful harbours in the world – the company offers national and international dance- makers a space for research and dialogue. The residencies are open to both experienced and emerging, local and European choreographers, who are seeking time and space to focus on the creation and development of their work.


Sergiu Matis
Rochelle Gatt, Zoe Camilleri, Benjamin Ord, Ana Jezabel Carreira, Colectivo Lamajara
Rochelle Gatt, Deborah Falzon, Julienne Schembri, Anna Adam

What our past residents say

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Colectivo Lamajara

“Super happy with the experience, it was a real pleasure to be in Malta.”

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Sergiu Matis

During the residency in Valletta I was invited by Paolo Mangiola, to share my practice, the Visible Thinking Body (VTB) through a workshop for the company dancers. The environment provided a rich and inspiring base for the exploration of the VTB tools, which are different ways of navigating and thinking about the body in motion. ‘What moves us today, how do we stand, and what are we standing for?’ were questions for reflecting on the importance of dance in our time. The dancers attending the residency workshop were open to exposing their self-exploration in motion, and had a very personal attraction and fascination with dance which encouraged my physical, ethnographic research further.”

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Rochelle Gatt

“… so meaningful at this stage of my career. I am really motivated to share even further with the dance community in Malta.”

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Ana Jezabel Carreira

“A perfect beginning to our process. I am really happy and it is because of the work that goes into opportunities like this that artists can survive.”

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Zoe Camilleri

“This is a great initiative that will help young and emerging creators and artists and give them dedicated time to experiment with their work. The week helped me to focus my thoughts and ideas and put them into physical form. It also allowed me the space, time and finances to get people on board with this project and experiment in collaboration. I truly appreciated it!”

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Benjamin Ord

“Many thanks for all your help, it has been a great week being on the residency!”


For further information and to discuss the ŻfinMalta Artist in Residence programme, please contact our Education & Outreach Officer, Martina Zammit on