ŻfinMalta's ŻfinDays 2022 - Georgia Tegou 'Ochre'


Created for ŻfinMalta National Dance Company, Ochre traverses history and memory, ancient wisdom and mysticism. It is an ode to the Venus of Malta and the catacombs in which she was found, and an attempt to unveil the mystery surrounding her ascension to light. The work follows the Sleeping Lady’s journey from the moment she was unearthed, taken from her underground home, put through the conservation process, and finally placed on display in a dark gallery on her own. It traces the steps of a female figure coming to life, leading us through her movement in a transitory, in-between space.


Georgia Tegou is a choreographer, creative director, and performer. She approaches dance as design, blurring the boundaries of dance and movement with other visual and spatial arts including architecture, sculpture, fashion and visual art. Her work has been presented by Arts Council England, Onassis Stegi, Dance Umbrella Festival, and The Whitechapel Gallery, among others. She has choreographed two music videos for Róisín Murphy. Georgia is currently an artist in residence at Somerset House Exchange and works as a lecturer in dance at University of Roehampton in London.

ŻfinStories I - Ochre

Choreography: Georgia Tegou
Cast: 11 dancers
Set & Costume Design: Andrew Borg Wirth
Original Score: Liran Donin
Lighting design: Moritz Zavan Stoeckle
Duration: 30 mins
Age: 5+