On the Road

What we offer

ŻfinMalta National Dance Company are light travellers with little or no freight. On the road we are 12-14 people. Our accommodation requirements are individual rooms for the management team, and shared or individual rooms for the company dancers. The minimum stage/performance area is 8 x 6m.


Our requirements for local technicians include:

1 x light technician and 1 x sound technician
for set up.


Time requirements are:

1 x day set up, 1 x day rehearsal and performance, and in the case of an
outdoor performance, an extra day set up is required. Water and dressing rooms are also requested.

Programmer / Agent Request Form

If you are interested in booking ŻfinMalta for your venue or event, please complete the form below so we can send more information and provide access to recordings. If you would like to make direct contact, please send an email to our Producer, Nicole Bearman on nicole.bearman@zfinmalta.mt