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Capturing Bela

Capturing Bela begins a series of studies investigating the compositional patterns found in music, by analysing the works of modern composers. This first short work, commissioned by Malta International Arts festival, is an homage to the unique compositional abilities of Béla Bartók, performed in a series of dances that adapt to his famous String Quartet Number Four, played live by the Boho String Quartet. Using unexpected change of rhythm in the body and an unusual and asymmetrical spatial pattern, these choreographic compositions are an exercise in capturing and expressing the beauty and complexity of Bartók’s music.


Commissioned by Malta International Arts Festival.

Choreography: Paolo Mangiola
Cast: 10 dancers
Original score: Béla Bartók, String Quartet Number Four, performed live by the Boho4 string quartet
Costumes: Louie Noir
Photography: Matthew Mirabelli
Duration: 26 minutes
Age: 5+