ŻfinMade is a new initiative of ŻfinMalta, which invites six Maltese, emerging choreographers to each create a new solo work with one of the company dancers. The project is an extension of ŻfinMalta’s Artist in Residence programme, engaging past and present residents, and is one of the company’s annual signature programmes, presented in collaboration with Spazju Kreattiv and Valletta Cultural Agency.


ŻfinMade exemplifies ŻfinMalta’s ongoing commitment to cultivating contemporary dance practice in Malta. The project highlights a commitment to fostering and nurturing local artists, and bringing them into contact with the country’s leading institutions.


ŻfinMalta provides each of the six choreographers with the resources to develop and create a new work, including mentorship by the company’s artistic director and staff, and two high-profile international dance dramaturgs, Rodia Vomvolou and Thomas Schaupp. ŻfinMade culminates in four evenings of dance performances showcasing the work and introducing the choreographers and dancers to new audiences.

Not So Loud

Zoe Camilleri

Not so loud is an exploration of the relationship between space and gender in today’s society. It takes a look at the use of stereotypes that have become so normalized, they often go unnoticed. The blind acceptance of such structures contributes to the unequal occupancy of space between the male and the female.


Non-Linear Body/ies

Maria Concetta Cariello

Non-Linear Body/ies sets out to portray the dancer’s journey from within the different bodies of human vibrational existence: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies. It is at once a personal and universal journey, through the exploration of the five elements of somatic practice: breath, vocalisation, contact, movement, and stillness. It is a calling to return to the wisdom of the body and to find authentic and intimate connections with all the aspects of our inner existence.



Gaby Davies

This solo revolves around the concept of vulnerability, as seen from a psychological state. Inspiration is drawn from a dance residency Gaby attended in India, where personal experiences, observations and movement research led her to recognise the sensitivity of emotional states caused by vulnerability and its impact on body language, social interactions and mental wellbeing. The work aims to show an individual’s psychological journey through an abstract-narrative contemporary dance piece.


This Is Not A Solo

Rochelle Gatt

“Once upon a time, before the Nokia 3310 and compulsive finger swiping, we were more porous. We live in a time when we absorb less of what is real and instead the data is absorbing us. I EXPERIENCE, I RECORD, I UPLOAD & I SHARE. These are perhaps the most powerful ways of integrating into the community. Our right foot is bogged in the muddy puddle of ‘Dataism’, while the left is shaking constantly, to fight for freedom and authenticity. We think that we are our own authors, but data has become the weapon that conducts our choices, not our inner being.” Rochelle Gatt.  This Is Not A Solo is a collaboration with the dancer, and with scriptwriter André Agius.


Me to Me

Diane Portelli

The ways in which we form our personal identities may depend on the stories we create and tell ourselves. Me to Me explores that personal, internal dialogue, which culminates in a range of emotions. Centred around the technique of autobiographical reasoning, used to document one’s internal narrative, we witness the dancer’s personal journey as he grapples with these voices, and negotiates with them and himself.



Julienne Schembri & Deborah Falzon

HER seeks to present fragments of one remarkable woman’s experience of migration. Through the power of the dance, Schembri and Falzon create a performance seeking to invite insight to this woman’s resilience, strength and bravery, echoing that of other people living in our migrant communities. Enriched by the artistic contribution of collaborators to create a sensorial and provocative experience, this solo is a continuation of Dance Beyond Borders, supported by the Research Support Grant, Arts Council Malta.



ŻfinMade is a co-production with Spazju Kreattiv, presented in collaboration with Valletta Cultural Agency.

Artistic Director: Paolo Mangiola
Choreographer / dancer:
Rochelle Gatt / Felix Deepen
Julienne Schembri & Deborah Falzon / Andrea Martin Albert
Gaby Davies / Tara Dalli
Maria Concetta Carielllo / Simon Riccardi Zani
Diane Portelli / Keith Micallef
Zoe Camilleri / Amber Van Veen
Dramaturgs: Thomas Schaupp & Rodia Vomvolou
Light design: Moritz Zavan Stoeckle
Costumes: Julia Boikova
Dates & time: 26/28 November 2020, 20:00, 27/29 November 2020, 20:00
Venue: Spazju Kreattiv, Valletta
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