Żfindays 19/20

Żfindays Triple Bill

“Żfindays is a celebration of dance, unfolding over three days, and an opportunity to see the company’s current repertoire before it tours internationally. Żfindays is a showcase of ŻfinMalta’s versatility and excellence, in a unique evening of dance. I hope that this first edition of Żfindays will become a tradition, and an important moment in our performance season that continues to foster creative relationships within our territory.” Paolo Mangiola, Artistic Director


Silk was originally created by Riccardo Buscarini for the Chelyabinsk Contemporary Dance Theater (Chelyabinsk, Russia) and co-produced by Theater im Pumpenhaus, Münster (Germany). The choreographer says: “The work is dedicated to all the encounters that brought me back to the Silk Road, and made my life intertwine with those of my Russian friends… It is a piece about travelling, communicating and hovering in time, inspired by a winter’s journey on the TransSiberian railway.” In 2018 Silk was nominated in the category Best Choreography, and Buscarini in the category Best Choreographer, for the Russian National Theatre Award ‘Golden Mask’, at the Bolshoi Theatre, Moscow. In 2019 Silk is given new life in this re-staged version for ŻfinMalta, signalling the power of dance to connect different people and cultures. This project is supported by the Italian Institute of Culture.

Choreography: Riccardo Buscarini
Cast: 10 Dancers
Music: Caroline K
Light design: Moritz Zavan Stoeckle
Costumes: Riccardo Buscarini
Duration: 20 min


Tnax is a dance-sport work; a universe regulated by complex mathematical and graphic permutations, a real risk that tests the physical and mental resistance of eight dancers who have to do the impossible to achieve the impossible. Tnax is a combination of logic, aesthetics and emotion, a puzzle that plays with the concepts of success and failure, risk and pragmatism, and explores the limits of the human body. This energetic choreography has the ŻfinMalta dancers learning 24 different roles, as decisions on the choreography are taken in real time, during the performance. While performing Tnax the dancers randomly select three roles to perform, therefore the output of the dance is always different. The piece also has the dancers hurling half-filled plastic bottles at each other – the equivalent force of a hammer falling – while performing intricate steps, thereby keeping them on high alert, not just in their movement, but also for their own safety and that of their fellow performers. Tnax is an exclusive re-creation from Crecis’ original work 36, created in 2011 for the company Edge and presented in 2012 at the Royal Opera House in London.

Choreography: Jorge Crecis
Cast: 8 Dancers
Music: Vincenzo Lamagna
Light design: Moritz Zavan Stoeckle
Costumes: Jorge Crecis
Duration: 20 min

Prototype Hero

Renowned Italian-born dancer-choreographer Jacopo Godani invites the audience to enter another world and contemplate the illusion of endless transformations and appropriation of life, by creating a space to explore an unmapped land. In this work choreography moves across different planes, and between the intangible qualities of the material world and established existing objects. Nothing disappears completely in this unmarked territory; what came earlier continues to underpin what follows. Prototype Hero suggests a threshold at which the dancers embody the intersection of choreography and the environment. Space becomes organic in the togetherness between groups, and in the individuals who give a direct expression of the choreographic work. Dancers metamorphose through choreography, costumes and set design. They replace bodily movements with traits of abstract storytelling, and the process of becoming human seems to be entrusted to their will. This experience of metamorphosis takes place in a poetic world and the stage, as a representational space, grows into a mythical narrative.

Choreography: Jacopo Godani
Cast: 8 Dancers
Music: 48nord
Light design: Moritz Zavan Stoeckle
Costumes: Jacopo Godani
Duration: 18 mins