Threaded Fine

Threaded Fine

Threaded Fine, by renowned British choreographer Rosemary Lee, is commissioned and presented by ŻfinMalta, in collaboration with Valletta Cultural Agency. This durational performance gathers a cross-generational cast of up to 24 professional and non-professional dancers, aged 8 to 70+ years, including the ŻfinMalta company dancers. Over a period of approximately 5 hours, 24 solos are performed like a relay, one after the other, starting with the youngest dancer and ending with the oldest, all accompanied by a specially-commissioned sound score, performed live by composer and singer Isaac Lee-Kronick. As each dancer ‘hands the baton’ on to the next, the audience is free to come and go, or stay for the duration.


Continuing her passion for making large-scale, intergenerational performances

and films, Lee has drawn inspiration for this new work from the cyclical rhythms of life that shape us, while also highlighting the singular individuality of each performer. Threaded Fine is a performance that is both intimate and expansive, offering the audience the opportunity to be in closer proximity to the dancer.


Supported by British Council; Department of Dance Studies, School of Performing Arts, University of Malta; and Mediterranean Conference Centre.

Choreography: Rosemary Lee
Cast: 24 Dancers (13 recruited through local open call)
Original score: Isaac Lee-Kronick
Light design: Moritz Zavan Stoeckle
Set design & costumes: Flora Moyes
Producer: Nicole Bearman
Duration: Approx. 5 hours during which the audience can come and go freely
Performers in order of appearance: Elisa Morguello, Sarah Angie Agius, Gabriel Fitzpatrick, Keira Galea, Andrea Pisani, Amber van Veen, Nicola Micallef, Simon Riccardi-Zani, Elise Lijmbach, Andrea Martin Albert, Tara Dalli, Felix Deepen, Calvin Rüth, Keith Micallef, Emma Walker, Florinda Camilleri, Greta Muscat Azzopardi, Tom Van Malderen, Petra Ellul Mercer, Jes Scibberas, Rosemary Lee, Jo Butterworth, Josephine Burden.