In 1977, American astronomer and astrophysicist Carl Sagan was invited by NASA to curate a time capsule to be sent into outer space on the Voyager spacecraft. This time capsule, the famous Golden Record, would give intelligent life a snapshot of Earth’s diversity, sounds, feelings and thoughts through 116 images encoded in analog form.


Voyager is the result of ŻfinMalta Artistic Director and choreographer Paolo Mangiola’s fascination with this event. It is a collaboration with a team of local artists including set design by visual artist Austin Camilleri, costumes by Luke Azzopardi, and an original electro-acoustic score by Veronique Vella. Voyager propels its audience into a place of introspection and exploration of what it means to be human, reflecting on who we are as actors on a small stage in a vast cosmic arena; a fragile, pale blue dot in the enveloping darkness.

Choreographer Paolo Mangiola in collaboration with the dancers
Cast: 9 Dancers
Original Score: Veronique Vella
Visual Artist: Austin Camilleri
Light Design: Ismael Portelli
Costumes: Luke Azzopardi
Dramaturgy: Sergiu Matis
Music from the Golden Record, Voyager Interstellar Space:
> The sounds of the earth
> Greetings in 55 languages
> Thakrulo, Georgian Soll
> Man’s house song Papua New Guinea
> String Quartet No 13 in B Flat Major, Ludwig van Beethoven
Duration: 1 hour

“The nine bravi interpreters, Maltese and not, immerse themselves in a very refined habitat… so beautiful is the idea of this voyager, and its elegant layout.”

Marinella Guatterni
Wall Street International
3 August 2019

“Mangiola elaborates an elegant and visually exceptional work, where the ideas of inspiration are translated into harmonious physical images, constantly dynamic.”

Silvia Poletti
Del Teatro
5 August 2019