Aringa Rossa .10

‎ŻfinMalta National Dance Company Repertoire Aringa Rossa Ambra Senatore

Aringa Rossa .10

In this collaboration with ŻfinMalta, choreographer Ambra Senatore revisits ‘Aringa Rossa’, first created as a full-length work in 2014. Attentive to a curious, open dance, attuned to the experience of the choreographer and the dancers, ‘Aringa Rossa’ takes Senatore’s compositional style to the extreme, constantly shifting the pieces of an ever more astonishing puzzle. Working with clues, games with changing rules, and fragmented scenes, the dancers eventually take over this meticulous choreography. Working with assistant choreographer Vincent Blanc, this adaptation ‘Aringa Rossa .10’ is the encounter between the ten-year-old original and the personalities of the dancers. Ambra Senatore has been director of the National Choreographic Center in Nantes since 2016. Her dance is found in the tenuous space between the construction of action, fiction in rehearsal, and the truth of presence. Underpinning all gestures is the everyday, observed with a magnifying glass, which she shifts and reverses until the gesture becomes fictionalised, until the dance becomes theatrical. Adept at surprises, cuts, and reminiscent of cinema.


Supported by the Embassy of France in Malta, and the Italian Cultural Institute of Valletta.



DURATION: 30 minutes

AGE: 5+

Choreography: Ambra Senatore
Assistant choreographer: Vincent Blanc
Ballet Master: Brenda Lee Grech
Original Music: Igor Sciavolino
Original light design: Fausto Bonvini
Light design in Malta: Dali Aguerbi
Costume design: Roberta Vacchetta
Costumes (Malta): Holly Knowles
Photography: Viola Berlanda