Alexandra Pace for ŻfinMalta's Movimento

Alexandra Pace for ŻfinMalta’s Movimento: Freeze, Loop, Reverse

On the 29th March, Alexandra Pace joins us to present ‘Freeze, Loop, Reverse,’ her experience of movement and understanding it through art, for ŻfinMalta’s second movimento of the season…

As a curater and artist, she tells us more about what we can expect from her session at Valletta Design Cluster, (Oliver Friggieri Hall) and an introduction to the artistic journey she is currently on herself.

Alexandra Pace

‘Freeze, Loop. Reverse’


29th March 2022, 18:30, Valletta Design Cluster
What is your relationship with ŻfinMalta?

I have always been an avid follower of ŻfinMalta ever since it was first founded and have experienced numerous performances, always thoroughly enjoying seeing the company evolve. It was great honour and pleasure to be invited to collaborate with ŻfinMalta on photographing the visuals for the 2021/22 programme and when I look at the images, I see pure collaboration and a reminder of a beautiful experience. I’m curious to see what other collaborations may unfold in the future.

ZfinMalta photographed by Alexandra Pace
ŻfinMalta - Photographed by Alexandra Pace
Alexandra Pace photographs ŻfinMalta
Alexandra Pace photographs ŻfinMalta (2021)
'Time and movement are the backbone of my work, they are also the elusive element that my work constantly tries to contain. Very often, the failure of which, results in the actual work itself.'
How would you describe yourself and your work at this moment in time?
When I refer to myself and what I do, I generally settle for multidisciplinary artist. However, it’s a lot more convoluted than that. I am indeed an artist, and my medium is photography and the moving image, as well as the chopping and remixing of cult cinema, print-making and the darkroom. However, I am also the founder of Blitz Valletta and a digital designer. It sounds complicated but it’s actually all connected.
Alexandra Pace for ŻfinMalta's movimento - 2001 Space Odyssey in 1673 frames
Alexandra Pace: 2001 Space Odyssey in 1673 frames, as part of 'Time remapped'
How important is time and movement in your work?
Time and movement are the backbone of my work, they are also the elusive element that my work constantly tries to contain. Very often, the failure of which, results in the actual work itself.
Do you find a significant overlap in your role as a curator and artist, and the role of perhaps a choreographer or the role of ŻfinMalta in the current arts scene?
Nowadays the boundaries between art practices have become increasingly blurred. Like many things, this can be both beautiful and tragic. I’m a firm believer in experimentation and feel that nobody should fear trying new things, however, I do also feel with some roles, come great responsibility, and that includes roles such as choreographers and curators, as those are the ones that shape the message and the experience that reaches an audience. I have practiced as both an artist and a curator in the past, and my experience has taught me how different those two roles are.
Alexandra Pace 'dreams' - ŻfinMalta's Movimento
Alexandra Pace, 'Dreams' (2018-ongoing)
What do you want to say with your art at the moment and why is it important?
My work may vary in its process, as well as its visual presentation however it very often triangulates notions of nostalgia, fears and desires. This is present both in the works that remix cult cinema as well as the seemingly more personal works such as the Dreams series that attempt to identify the traps, loopholes and ambiguities, as well as the anarchic nature of dreams and consciousness and how these relate to personal memory and loss.
What can we expect from your Movimento talk? 
It will be mostly visual, hopefully leading to discussion and I will take 60 minutes of your time that you’ll never get back.
Alexandra Pace, Time remapped, 2014, ŻfinMalta's Movimento
Alexandra Pace, 'Time Remapped' (2014) 2001 Space Odyssey in 1673 frames, Kill Bill I in 1310 frames, Edward Scissorhands in 1243 frames
Movimento sessions offer unique experiences and insights into the crossovers in our art forms. Our experts facilitate an active engagement with dance, taking you on a journey of discovery to reveal how patterns of choreography can be found all around us, and most importantly, giving us a fresh perspective on the concept of movement through their personal experiences. Informative, informal and interactive, join our next session with Alexandra Pace on the 29th March 2022, at Oliver Friggieri Hall, Valletta Design Cluster, 18:30.
When: 29th March 2022, 18:30
Where: Valletta Design Cluster (Oliver Friggieri Hall)
Duration: Approximately 1 hour
Age: 12+
ŻfinMalta's Nuova Figura by Paolo Mangiola, photograph by Alexandra Pace (2021)
ŻfinMalta photographed by Alexandra Pace (2021)