Simon Riccardi Zani

Simon Riccardi Zani ŻfinMalta company dancer Photo: Kurt Paris (


Simon Riccardi-Zani, born in Nice (France) in 1998, studied at the Paris Opera Ballet School and contemporary dance at the Paris National Conservatoire. In 2019, he joined ŻfinMalta National Dance Company directed by Paolo Mangiola. He performed works by Roy Assaf, Emanuel Gat, Jacopo Godani, Tânia Carvalho…


During his education, he developed a growing interest in choreography, which led to his first professional experience with a young audience piece in 2021. In 2022, he was commissioned for ‘ONES’ as part of ŻfinMade evenings for emerging choreographers. In 2024, Simon represented France within the Franco German Pavilion, with his second dance film work for the Malta Biennale 2024.