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Michele Tufigno on Movimento

On Thursday 1st October at 18:30, ŻfinMalta & Heritage Malta invite Michele Tufigno for the first of the 2020/21 season’s Movimento appointment at MUŻA


‘From Movement to Dance’ – Movimento Appointment 4


Michele Tufigno tells us more …


Who are you (now)?

I am the creative director of Studio Tufigno, a multidisciplinary creative consultancy studio focused on the curation of spaces, books, exhibitions and stage productions. Incredibly and, some might say, unhealthily curious, my personal and professional methods are based on research, observation and a healthy dose of deduction with regard to anything I approach, be it an image, choreography or a room.


What relationship have you had or do you hope to build with ŻfinMalta?

I first discovered ŻfinMalta soon after its being founded, as a rather enthusiastic audience member, much like many others. It was, however, while watching 2018’s Voyager (several times over) that I truly connected with the company and its expression, bolstered by Paolo Mangiola’s artistic vision and creative depth. I started collaborating with the company in early 2019, lending a critical mind and acting as sounding board to what would eventually become 21 Dances for the 21st Century, which will be premiering on the 9th of October 2020.


Tell us a story about you and dance.

My love affair with dance began at a time of intense and unexpected personal change, where I, quite shockingly, often found myself unable to express what or how I felt in precise terms. It was during a contemporary dance performance based upon Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy (Divina by Naupaca Dance Factory) that I experienced an unexpected sense of release, of emotional identification. It was then that I first truly understood how contemporary dance, much like literature and music, could be an immediate conduit for human emotion.


How would you describe your relationship to movement (if you have one at all)?

Movement is to me a fundamental form of human communication and emotional expression. Whether it is sprinting in tears, a ‘slow dance’ at a sixteen year old’s birthday party or a full blown stage production, movement and humanity can never be separated from each other.


What are you planning to present on the 1st October at MUŻA as part of Movimento?

My Movimento evening will focus upon the human being’s innate need for movement and its universal expression across multiple cultures, before delving into the history of contemporary dance as a return to a more natural form of human expression through movement. The lecture will chronicle the history of late modern and early contemporary dance, framed within the context of every person’s instinct to move, whether that movement be choreographed or spontaneous.


Which three gestures/movements/action verbs do you think will encapsulate this event?

Reflection, growth and self-identification should summarise it accurately enough!


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Photo credit: Kris Micallef