ŻfinMalta Aerial Paolo Mangiola


In this new work, commissioned by Notte Bianca, Artistic Director and choreographer Paolo Mangiola collaborates with pianist Tricia Dawn Williams exploring the notion of a ‘bird’s eye view’ and what it means to experience dance from above. Through the music of three renowned contemporary composers, John Cage, John Adams and Ezio Bosso, intricate piano compositions intertwine with delicate choreographies on a miniature scale. Taking inspiration from the point of view used in cinema, this work explores a different dialogue between dance and music, seen from an aerial perspective.


Commissioned by Notte Bianca.
Attend the open rehearsal on Wednesday 4th October 2023 for free.

DURATION: 20 min, performed on a loop each hour
Times: 7:00pm , 7:30pm, 8:45pm & 9:45pm
AGE: 5+



Choreography: Paolo Mangiola
Music: John Cage: In a Landscape, John Adams: China Gates, Ezio Bosso: Following a Bird Live Piano: Tricia Dawn Williams
Light design: Dali Aguerbi Costumes: Paolo Mangiola