Laboratory of the pelvis

3, 4 & 5 AUGUST 2022

A workshop for professionals in dance, art performance, theatre, visual arts, interested in movement and art practice research.

In partnership with ŻfinMalta AiR 2022, Istituto Italiano di Cultura La Valletta, and unfinishedartspace

ŻfinMalta's AIR2022 Andrea Macchia, Workspace Ricerca X The ever practicing artist

As part of ŻfinMalta’s AiR 2022 programme, we invite you partake in The Laboratory of the Pelvis, a choreographic dance research project focused on the pelvic sphere with the aim of exploring and giving expression to this largely unknown part of the body, through different media and within a collaborative working group. 


The project stems from the Italian choreographer Francesca Saraullo’s interest in the exploration of a primary gesture in a subtle listening of the body in movement. Through a somatic practice, dance technique and cross disciplinary approach (drawing, improvisations, voice, sound, text), the intention is to expand the motricity and the power of the pelvis in order to create new visions of this territory of the body.


The experience and the exploration of the individual will echo through the group, creating possible contaminations of the imagination. 


Combining the physical and the political in the framework of contemporary dance, we aim to create new choreographic, visual and sound imagery from the pelvic core as a pool, from which to create an artistic and collective laboratory forming new artistic knowledge, combining our shared and our diverse interests to do so.

The workshop will be held at ŻfinMalta Studios as part of the National Dance Company’s AiR 2022 programme, and is led by the ltalian choreographer, dancer and visual artist Francesca Saraullo accompanied by the core artistic team: Zoe Camilleri, Abigail Agius and Claire Tonna


Each participant will propose their own specificity from dance to voice to visual image, in relation to how to see, feel, and move the pelvis freely and creatively. Curator Margerita Pulè will observe, and take notes and reflections, keeping a daily journal.


AIR2022 ŻfinMalta Ambra Pittoni, Workspace Ricerca X The ever practicing artist 2021
DATE: 3, 4, 5 August 2022
TIME: 10:00 – 13:00 (Participants welcome from 09:30)
VENUE: ŻfinMalta Studios, Valletta
LANGUAGE: Italian, English, French


For further information and to discuss the ŻfinMalta Artist in Residence programme, please contact our Education & Outreach Officer, Martina Zammit on