IŻFEN ma’ ŻfinMalta: A yoga special!

In addition to our Monday and Tuesday evening classes, March & April 2024 bring six evening classes especially dedicated to Yoga.  Nicola Micallef brings her Vinyasa and Aromatherapy practice to Malta for a short period, leading six evening classes spread over 3 weeks, easing participants into a winding down Yoga practice at the end of the day.  No previous yoga experience required.

Individuals from all backgrounds and all levels of fitness and flexibility are invited to participate!


Bookings are to be made in advance by contacting Nicola via  nicolamicallef1999@gmail.com

Wednesday sessions – Vinyasa Flow

(a dynamic flow to encourage muscle strengthening and stretching)



Friday sessions – Aromatherapy Flow

(a much calmer, soothing flow focusing on breathwork and relaxation techniques with aroma oils)

Dance Company Iżfen Yoga Nicola Micallef
Dates & Times:
20, 22, 27, 29 March & 3, 5 April 2024
19:00 – 20:15
Venue: ŻfinMalta Studios
Age: 18+
Cost: €12 per session / 4 session package for €40
Bookings: nicolamicallef1999@gmail.com

About Nicola Micallef

Nicola Micallef, born in Malta 1999, began her Cecchetti Classical Ballet training with the Dance Workshop, where she developed a fascination for Contemporary Dance. She went on to pursue her career with ŻfinMalta National Dance Company, joining the company in 2017, under direction of Artistic Director, Paolo Mangiola. Following her four years of working intensively with the company, she embarked on a freelance career and relocated to Berlin, Germany. She has collaborated with a range of choreographers and performed internationally, including Dubai, and the UK.

In addition to her passion for artistic movement, Nicola has cultivated a profound interest in the art of yoga. In December 2022, she completed her 200-hour teacher training program at La Casa Shambala in Thailand, where she attained certification in both Hatha and Vinyasa styles. She currently leads Vinyasa and Aromatherapy classes alongside her ongoing dance projects in Berlin.


Participants attending classes must fill out ZfinMalta Participation form in advance of attendance: https://forms.gle/Lx7xjmT6LbwcW9iW8  


Only one form needs to be filled out per participant, for Izfen ma’ ZfinMalta 2023 – 2024 programme.


Please check out our Class Policy prior to attending classes and for further details.


For further sessions held under the Izfen ma’ ZfinMalta programme: https://www.zfinmalta.org/education-and-participation/dance-with-us/


For further opportunities to participate: https://www.zfinmalta.org/events/

ŻfinMalta National Dance Company Yoga Iżfen ma ŻfinMalta special Nicola Micallef


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