IŻFEN ma’ ŻfinMalta: A groovy March special!

Get your March moving with ŻfinMalta – no previous dance experience required!

Iżfen ma' ŻfinMalta A groovy March special 4x3




€12 per session / €40 for 4 sessions




No previous experience of dance is expected.

As part of ŻfinMalta’s 2022-23 season programme, Izfen ma’ ŻfinMalta brings you a March bonus and a new guest teacher to our series of community evening classes. 

Held on Monday and Tuesday evenings at 18:30 in March 2023, these fun and accessible classes address our fundamental human need to move. Explore movement with us in our March 2023 Groovy Special: Mondays and Tuesdays, 18:30, ŻfinMalta Studios.


Classes are open to participants over 18 years of age who are open to exploring the idea of movement from scratch. Individuals from all backgrounds and all levels of fitness and flexibility are invited to participate. No previous experience of dance is expected. This is an ideal opportunity for those ready to make the leap into the dance world. Start the week fresh with ŻfinMalta and make dance a part of your Monday and Tuesday evening wind-down routine. Ejja Iżfen ma’ ŻfinMalta. Come dance with us!

Iżfen ma' ŻfinMalta A groovy March special


Every Monday of March!

Ballet classes!

With Martina Zammit

Martina Zammit for Groovy March special of izfen ma zfinmalta

IŻFEN ma’ ŻfinMalta offers open ballet classes where participants are guided through the basics to develop skills, strength, confidence and creativity. Classes are led by ŻfinMalta’s Education & Outreach Artist, Martina Zammit. Bookings are to be made online in advance.

via our booking site

Every Tuesday of March!

We Love to Move, We Love to Groove!

With Florinda Camilleri

Florinda Camilleri for Iżfen Ma' ŻfinMalta March

‘We Love to Move, We Love to Groove’ is an invitation to enter an affirmative, enthusiastic, and response-able space for collective moving and grooving. It is for all who wish to discover and develop their dancing skills and vocabularies. It is for all who wish to deepen and widen relationships within and across bodies. It is for all who wish to practice bodily openness, awareness, and care. And it is for all who simply wish to explore the joy of dancing with others, in a brave and curious space. For each session, you will be guided by a sequence of movement prompts (the move) and dynamic soundtrack (the groove). Some elements will be prepared beforehand and some will respond to unfoldings in real time. This semi-structured approach allows space for you to actively participate in the creation and development of this hosted dance space, also practicing how to show up in other spaces. Bring along some comfortable clothes and warm socks, some water and a towel. Expect to sweat, to laugh, to be challenged, to learn. It may be complicated. It will be fun.

Important Booking Information


Participation in ballet classes is through bookings online only. Bookings are not accepted at the door. Classes will go ahead for a minimum of 4 participants per class. Bookings will close at noon every Monday and participants will receive notification of whether the class is on, based on the minimum number of registrations required. Class will be cancelled if numbers are below 4 people.  Participation in contemporary classes are to be made by contacting Florinda Camilleri via email.

Dancing is for everyone, and we all deserve the happiness that movement brings with it

Each class is €12 (including booking fees) or you can purchase a month package (4 sessions) for 40€


You can choose to book either a drop-in session (1 session) or month ticket (4 sessions) for either Ballet with Martina Zammit (via booking site) or for ‘We love to move, we love to groove’ with Florinda Camilleri (florindacamilleri1@gmail.com). You can read more below about our teachers, where to find us, and what to expect when attending a class…


Each class has a maximum capacity for 25 participants.

“If you have ever wanted to do ballet, and never had the courage or the chance, just come, move, and have fun.”

Paolo Mangiola, ŻfinMalta’s Artistic Director

Meet our teachers

Ballet with Martina Zammit

Every Monday in March!
About Martina

Education & Outreach Artist Martina was born in Malta in 1987. She first danced with the Olivia Dow School of Russian Ballet in Malta, where she studied the Legat System. Martina completed three degrees at the University of Malta, beginning with a Bachelor degree in English and Archaeology, and followed by a Masters in English, Modern and Contemporary Literature and Criticism. She then undertook a Bachelor of Dance Studies, which is where she was introduced to contemporary dance. Martina joined ŻfinMalta as a company dancer in 2014, and since 2018 has been making the transition to the role of Education & Outreach Artist. 

‘We love to move, we love to groove’ with Florinda Camilleri

Florinda Camilleri for Iżfen Ma ŻfinMalta in March 2023
Every Tuesday in March!

for booking, send an email to florindacamilleri1@gmail.com

About Florinda

Florinda is an independent dance artist and community pharmacist from and based in Malta. She initiates, leads, and supports performing arts projects in Malta and internationally, taking on various roles as a contemporary dance and screendance performer, maker, collaborator, researcher, educator, coach, producer, and facilitator. Florinda recently graduated from the Master Performing Public Space program in Fontys University, (NL). Her research project applied a lens of feminist posthumanism with-in public spaces in Malta, exploring embodied perspectives of (land)scapes through site-specific screendance performance with the aim of discovering new, more responsive and response-able ways of engaging with environments. She is currently investigating points of encounter between human and more-than-human agents within urban public spaces as sites of creative potential from which movement and matter are formed. 



Monday 6th March 2023
Ballet with Martina
Tuesday 7th March 2023
Contemporary with Florinda
Monday 13th March 2023
Ballet with Martina
Tuesday 14th March 2022
Contemporary with Florinda
Monday 20th March 2023
Ballet with Martina
Tuesday 21st March 2023
Contemporary with Florinda
Monday 27th March 2023
Ballet with Martina
Tuesday 28th March 2023
Contemporary with Florinda

Don’t forget!

After March, we will return to our regular schedule of Iżfen ma’ ŻfinMalta! Zoe Camilleri will be teaching contemporary every Monday of April: You can see class schedules and information about our classes for the rest of the season HERE!


Please take the time to read our Open class policy carefully before attending any sessions at ŻfinMalta Studios.


For further information on ZfinMalta’s Education and Participation programmes and to discuss the ŻfinMalta’s Artist Development programme, please contact our Education & Outreach Officer, Martina Zammit on martina.d.zammit@zfinmalta.mt