ŻfinMalta’s Easter Ballet Intensive

This Easter, ŻfinMalta are whipping up an exciting ballet training intensive experience. 

ŻfinMalta's easter intensive 2022 with Javier Torres
Javier Torres ŻfinMalta's easter Intensive
ŻfinMalta’s 2022 ballet Intensive is led by the beloved ballet pedagog Javier Torres, newly appointed Artistic Director of the Finnish National Ballet who has also taught regularly at Stuttgart Ballet, Ballet Culberg, Nacho Duato Dancing Company, Norwegian National Ballet, Netherlands Dans Theater, Lyon Opera Ballet and the Ballet of the National Theatre in Prague.

The aim of this intensive experience is for participants to gain skills to follow a professional ballet open class in the hands of an expert with over thirty years of experience and research in the area of improvement of ballet pedagogy.

Participation in ŻfinMalta’s Easter Ballet Intensive is open for adults (18+) as well as young people from the age of 11 onwards.

ŻfinMalta's Easter ballet intensive with Javier Torres

About Javier Torres

Javier Torres completed his studies as a classical dancer in 1984, and in 1988 he graduated as a dance teacher of the Cuban method both from the National School of Ballet in Mexico City. In 1988, Torres was awarded a scholarship by the Ballet International Foundation (Germany) that allowed him to continue his dance formation in Europe.


In 1989 he moved to Finland to work for the Helsinki Dance Company and in 1991 he joined the Finnish National Ballet, where he performed as soloist until 2008. 


As a choreographer Javier Torres has created more than 35 works, for different ballet companies. Among his most important works are his three full-length traditional ballets: The Sleeping Beauty (2008), The Beauty and the Beast (2014) and La Bayadére (2014)


Based on his more that 20 years research to improve ballet pedagogy, Javier Torres leads seminars and gives lectures at international dance symposiums, professional ballet companies and schools. 


Since 2001 Javier Torres  works as a freelance teacher and coach for professional ballet companies and schools, among others: The Stuttgart Ballet, The Lyon Opera Ballet, The Czech National Ballet, The Netherlands Dans Theatre.


From August 2022 Javier Torres will act as the Artistic Director of the Finnish National Ballet

“My work in classical ballet aims to help dancers discover in a joyful manner, healthy ways of overcoming technical difficulties.  For this, I share my understanding of the natural biomechanical movements of the body, the use of breath and the importance of the relationship with the music. I believe that besides a training a ballet class can be a deep personal and artistic experience”   

 Javier Torres  

What’s on?


For young people in training, ŻfinMalta is opening an exclusive opportunity to follow two tailored classes over the weekend of Sat 23rd & Sun 24th of April 2022.  During this weekend, young participants between the ages of 11 – 14 years old, will experience Javier’s ballet expertise first-hand at ŻfinMalta Studios on both Sat 23rd and Sun 24th April at 11:30 and classes are 2hrs duration each.

Participation is against a fee of 22€ per session or 40€ for both sessions.


On the same weekend, young people of 15 years and above are able to join the adult classes starting at 14:00 at ŻfinMalta Studios on both Sat 23rd and Sun 24th April 2022

Participation is against a is against a fee of 22€ per session or 40€ for both sessions.


For adults interested in undertaking professional training skills in ballet technique the experience is week-long.  ŻfinMalta opens its company classes to local and international professional dance artists throughout its season and Javier has been selected to lead ŻfinMalta’s April Open Company Classes. This is a unique opportunity to join the ŻfinMalta dancers during their morning practice under Javier Torres’ expert guidance, from Mon 18th April – Fri 22nd April 2022 at 10:00am at ŻfinMalta Studios.  The minimum age to participate is 18 years.

Adult participation in the Company Open Classes is against a fee of 9€ per session or participants can benefit from the week package of 27.50€ (Mon – Fri classes, 1.5 hr duration)

Should adults wish to extend their ballet training experience over that same weekend, they can avail themselves for Javier Torres’ 14:00 classes on Sat 23rd & Sun 24th and purchase a 7-day ballet class ticket at 56€.  This offer would cover classes from Monday to Sunday and is limited to the first 7 participants as this is ŻfinMalta’s limit of participation for Open Classes.


For adults (18+)

27.50€ – week ticket for 5 classes from Mon 18th – Fri 22nd (10:00 start, 7.5hrs training)

56€ – 7 day ballet ticket for 7 classes from Mon 18th – Sun 23rd (10:00 start weekdays & 14:00 start weekends, 11.5hrs training)

For young people, 15 years and above

22€ – per session between Sat 23rd – Sun 24th (14:00 start, 2hrs training)

40€ – weekend ticket for 2 classes on Sat 23rd & Sun 24th (14:00 start, 4hrs training)

For young people between 11 – 14 years old

22€ – per session  between Sat 23rd – Sun 24th (11:30 start, 2 hrs)

40€ – weekend ticket for 2 classes on Sat 23rd & Sun 24th April 2022 (11:30 start, 4 hrs)

Week classes are at a 1.5 hr duration whilst weekend classes are at a 2 hour duration.

Open Class Policy

Here are a few notes to take into consideration in preparation for class etiquette and protocol:




  • Plan ahead to arrive at the venue at least 10 – 15 mins before class and note that upon entrance you may be asked to fill out a contact form with MCC security and have your temperature taken.


  • We do not encourage latecomers as class is timed to warm up and cool down the body at a suitable pace.


  • Please bring your own water and towel, you’ll be able to fill up bottles via our water dispenser


  • Bring comfortable clothes to move in and don’t sweat it if you haven’t got ballet shoes, try the class with socks!


  • Participants must present a valid COVID 19 vaccination certificate on entry.


  • In the interest of safeguarding health, we kindly ask you to wear the face mask throughout the class, as well as on entrance and exit of the MCC venue.


  • You will be designated an area of the space where you may follow class from.

Liability clause:



  • Before attending any movement sessions under the umbrella of ZfinMalta’s Education and Participation programme, we require you hand in a signed copy of the below participation form. It can be handed over to the Education Artist in hard copy or sent in soft copy to martina.d.zammit@zfinmalta.mt


For further information on ZfinMalta’s Education and Participation programmes and to discuss the ŻfinMalta’s Artist Development programme, please contact our Education & Outreach Officer, Martina Zammit on martina.d.zammit@zfinmalta.mt