Artist in Residence 2023

ŻfinMalta's AiR2022 - Open Call

Application guidelines


Who are the residencies for?


  • The residencies are open to practitioners based in the Maltese Islands, to further develop their choreographic research/practice.   


  • ŻfinMalta is offering a number of residencies between April and September 2023.  


  • Each residency will run no longer than 6 days  


  • This residency programme is designed for dance makers who are regularly creating work, and who are willing to carry out research that further questions the boundaries of their practice.  


  • Makers from all backgrounds are encouraged to apply.  Although choreography is the central exploration of the residency, the research is encouraged to be, for example, inter/multi/cross disciplinary, community-based, or dance practice based.  


  • These residencies are aimed at nurturing artists who are open to developing their critical thinking skills in the creation or research stages of their work.   


What will be provided?


  • The number of residencies and related fees is subject to applications and the maximum budget to be disbursed for AiR2023 is capped at 2000€ (exclusive of VAT). 


  • ŻfinMalta will host the selected artists in their studios, located in the island’s capital, Valletta.  The schedule will be organised with ŻfinMalta’s Education and Outreach Artist   


  • ŻfinMalta studios and offices are equipped with a sound system, air conditioning, storage space, bathrooms, showers, a kitchenette, a green room as well as WiFi access and an outside terrace 


  • ŻfinMalta will assign the Education and Outreach Artist to liaise and oversee the delivery of each residency.  


  • Selected candidates, should they wish, are invited to take company class in the morning for the duration of their residency.  


  • We regret that ŻfinMalta’s studio is currently not wheelchair accessible. 
What is required from residency artists?


  • The company believes that practical outcomes are fundamental in the research stages of creating work however have noticed that a ‘presentation’ session often ends up consuming the purpose of the residency.  ŻfinMalta encourage residents to organise a session in which their work can be exposed to public for feedback however the proposed structure & purpose of this session must be presented at application stage. The audience for this session will be facilitated by ŻfinMalta and the approach and structure discussed with the artist.   


  • Permission for ŻfinMalta to film agreed parts of the residency  


  • Inclusion of ŻfinMalta logos and/or ŻfinMalta text acknowledgment on publicity (print and digital) for any future work which is developed as a result of research undertaken during the residency.  


  • ŻfinMalta offers a token fee for each residency, to be proposed at application stage, evaluated and confirmed by the ŻfinMalta team and disbursed upon signing a residency agreement with the artist, upon presentation of an invoice.  


  • Applicants should have a valid VAT number   


  • Applicants are required to indicate the proposed fee to cover the residency expenses and how it will be assimilated within their application. 
Time Frame


  • A number of residencies are currently available, to be decided on during evaluation period and to be hosted between April and September 2023.    


  • The ideal dates for the artist must be outlined in the application and, upon selection, will be discussed and finalised with the company.  


  • ŻfinMalta will make every effort to accommodate the preferred dates and proposed fee, however this may not always be possible.  


  • The deadline for applications is Sunday the 20th of March 2023 


  • Candidates should expect first contact by the end of March 2023. 




  • Professional, experienced and emerging choreographers residing in or based in the Maltese Islands  


  • Candidates must have a minimum of 5 years professional experience in their field of practice/research 


  • Candidates should have a good command of the English language 


  • Candidates must be over the age of 21 


  • Repeat applications and international and multidisciplinary collaborations are encouraged. 


  •  Preference will be given to applications partially supported by other funding sources 


  • Preference will be given to artists whose research includes collaborators supporting their critical thinking skills within the process of creation, or direct/support/document their research further.   


  • ŻfinMalta will make every effort to accommodate the research requirements of artists within the parameters of our spaces. Artists will be expected to be respectful of the ŻfinMalta studio and administrative spaces and to take care of the space they are allotted.  


  • AiR2023 applications will be processed by an evaluation panel and results communicated to applicants by ŻfinMalta’s Education and Outreach Artist by the end of March 2023.  


  • AiR2023 is ŻfinMalta’s platform that supports locally based artists’ dance making skills and application for the residency may lead to a commission for ŻfinMalta’s biennial ‘ŻfinMade’ 


Artists are required to send an email to with the below details:  



  • Personal Details:  Full Name, VAT number, Address to match VAT number, Nationality, Contact Number.   




  • A description of their background, work and interests and the motivation behind their application for AiR2023 (max 500 words)  


  • A brief description of the purpose of the residency, taking into account the timeline of the creative process. What stage of your creative process will the residency be supporting and how would the residency support this part of the process? (max 500 words)  


  • Outline of one potential practical outcome of the residency, communicating the ideal presentation and feedback scenario for the residency. 


  • An indication of the required fee and how it will be used  


  • An indication of whether the residency is supported by another grant and if yes,  highlighting which one.  


  • A maximum of 2 links to work/research samples, in video form  


  • Relevant CV/s 


  • Preferred residency week/s with specific starting dates  


  • File size of attachments to application email should not exceed 20MB  


  • The format of presentation of the application will factor into the evaluation process.   


  • The residencies do not support production or post-production of films related to the research.  


  • Selected applicants are required to cooperate in the marketing and sharing of their experience during this residency through various means, including social media, media interviews, photoshoots and receptions.  



For further information and to discuss the ŻfinMalta Artist in Residence programme, please contact our Education & Outreach Officer, Martina Zammit on